New Mural in progress + Windsor Drive

I really enjoy painting murals and I hate to have one unfinished, especially, for long periods of time. I started this particular two-story mural sometime ago just before winter . The weather started to get cold so I decided to wait until got warmer. Once winter was over and I scheduled days to paint. There was always something that prevented me from finishing. It’s my goal to have the entire wall finished by the end of summer. I’m looking forward to finishing it. I’ll probably explain more once it is complete.



I received this photo in a text this week. I was in the paper a couple weeks ago and was not aware of it.
Thank you to the Arts Writer at the Chronicle, Molly Glentzer.





Starting this month I will be working with a great band from Wisconsin, Windsor Drive. I designed two previous releases for the band in 2007 which was their first release and an EP in 2011. This year the band is releasing a collection of music specifically for Japan. The band decided this time around they wanted to revisit my art direction of the first record “Meet the Tide” for their Japanese audience.

The new album design will consist of multiple repeating patterns and an entire new color scheme. I have been experimenting as much as possible. I want the album to have the same feel but not too close to the original. A few directions are pictured above.

You can check out one of their music videos below.


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