Spring is here / Catching up! (Part1)

Finally updating my blog! I have been involved in so many awesome things this past year and I can’t wait to share everything with you. I’m going to post a majority of what I can on this post and cover the rest next post. The content in my blog posts are usually in this order – NEWS / CURRENT PROJECTS / UPCOMING PROJECTS / MISCELLANEOUS / CURRENT MUSIC.

mcxr 🙂


Cool news! NBC’s Little Big Shots is planning to have some amazingly talented little Houstonians performing for the show and they wanted to use some of my work to represent our city for their segment. 😀 Broadcast day is this year but I’ll be sure to post info when it becomes available!


My murals from the Silos made an appearance on ESPN! Video BELOW! (volume warning!)



Not all murals last forever. My Houston Zoo and JW Marriott murals are going to be coming down soon. Its very sad to see mural come down but sometimes it happens. I have seen so many selfies and photoshoots shot in front of these murals throughout the years. Seeing people having such a great time in front of my work makes it all worth it.

Video of the making of the Zoo mural below!




I had lots of fun creating this mural for Rice Village. The whole process was great and everyone at Rice Village were awesome!
I was honored when they asked me to create a mural and add to the already going public art on the RV grounds.

This mural was especially a challenging due to the our crazy Houston weather. During the painting process, Houston experienced two freezes and many days of heavy rain.
I think it was the first time I painted during a freeze. Probably my last.

I love how the image and colors came out. Lots of fun!

The mural received a good amount of press which I am still gathering. I will post next time. 🙂

Short Process Clip!




I am always so thrilled when I get a chance to illustrate for Variety. The illustration was for an article regarding female directors.

You can read the article online on the link below












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