Animation + FPSF + Upcoming Work + Mops’ New Trick!



Creating an art installation for FPSF had to be a fast process this year due to the very short deadline. I only had a couple days to come up with an idea and paint as fast as I could. I went through some old sketchbooks and used a familiar face from a past illustration. I was able to film a little of the process during the day I painted and put together this video.

Recently someone sent this really cool portrait of me in front of my mural at Lawndale Art Center. Painting at Lawndale was a fun experience and this is still one of my favorite pieces. Thanks D for the pic!


MOPS’ NEW TRICK – Starring Maple Mops C. Rodriguez



Just like film and animation, music is something that I have always loved creating whenever I have the time. Expression through music is such a different experience than through art. Some days I prefer it. Thoughout the year I write about an album worth of songs and then I set time aside to record them all in December. I record all the instruments and vocals by myself here at home. I’ve been recording these albums for the past five years . Other than myself these songs are not heard by anyone. They are just something I have always done as a creative outlet. This year I decided that I may just put all the songs online for those who want to hear them.







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