Houstonia Magazine Interview/Photoshoot/Illustration + Young the Giant + New Work

Houston Magazine.
Last month, I was very surprised that Houstonia Magazine asked me to be in their article,6 Young Artists Who Are Reshaping Houston’s Art Scene for their October issue. I had a photo shoot and a nice interview. I was also asked to illustrate a full page spread for the entire article which was lots of fun. A work in progress of the illustration is above. I’m very excited to see how the issue comes out.



This is a poster that I designed for Young the Giant many many months ago. I somehow lost all the files on a pen drive and didn’t find them until recently. This poster looks simple but the process turned out longer than usual. I think I went through every single animal head I could think of until I settled for a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are the best of course.

I was also able to use this image in a mural at Winter Street Studios last January. Recreating my poster art in murals in something I am trying to do more of.




This upcoming month OCT will possibly be one of the most amazing months I’ve had in years. On the top of the list is the coming of my new nephew, Maxwell C. Clark. My sister and husband, Matt are some the most talented people I have ever met. Maxwell is going to change the world.
Check out some of Matt’s music below. Good Stufff


Look out for Papercity magazine next month. I will be in an article about the Arts off of Washington Ave here in Houston.





RIP Eric the Actor


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