Tokyo Police Club + The Menzingers

I finally finished the gigposter for Tokyo Police Club. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this poster mainly because I was limited to only two colors (R&B). I was very happy with the outcome and happy that the Tokyo side liked it too. I have a couple available. Email if interested –

I stopped by the Lady Lazarus print shop to sign over a hundred posters for the Tokyo show here in Houston. Below
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I am currently putting together a design for one of my favorites, The Menzingers. The Menzingers have been my most recent bands that has made my favorite list. I remember I was walking out of a store and all of a sudden I heard the chorus for their song ‘Mexican Guitars’. I stopped and had to go back into the store to figure out who they were.

The Menzingers – Mexican Guitars




I decided to make this blog public at least for a little bit this summer.

This is usually the place I would go to document progress of work, final pieces, concepts, and other projects I’m working on.

All posts before April 5th have been made private for reasons.

I usually update early in the week